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Idioms That Rhyme Volume 1

Idioms That Rhyme Volume 1

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Did you ever hear your parents or grandparents say, "'she must have a green thumb,' or 'I'm on cloud nine'?

 These sayings have a way of working themselves into our daily conversations. Our kids usually imagine something more literal than what we've actually stated.

 This book series will help children understand idioms used in the English language. While giving creative and unique visual references. The rhyming phrases make this short story a lot of fun for the reader (parent or child)! Explore and express emotions and feelings while reading Idioms that Rhyme.

In this book you'll 22 idioms listed here:

  • Are you all ears? 
  • Whale of a time.
  • Open this can of worms. 
  • Let the pigs fly. 
  • Barrel of laughs. 
  • Tickle in my nose. 
  • When my nose itches, someone is coming with a hole in their britches.
  • Quiet as a mouse.
  • Goody two shoes.
  • Storm in a teacup. 
  • Potato wagons will roll. 
  • Can't touch me with a 10-foot pole. 
  • Mad a hornet. 
  • Lump in my throat. 
  • Green with envy. 
  • On cloud nine. 
  • Jump over the moon.
  • Steal thunder.
  • Crocodile tears. 
  • Good cheer. 
  • March to the beat of my drum. 
  • Green thumbs. 

You'll also be able to identify or discuss with your child the 13 feelings/emotions:

  • happy
  • sad
  • sick
  • shy
  • angry/mad
  • scared/nervous
  • envious
  • amazed
  • content
  • excited
  • curious
  • proud
  • the mindset of 'yet'

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About the Author:

Michelle Kolodziejczyk, pen name Aunt Shelly, is a special education teacher in Texas. She has been writing poems or singing made-up tunes to her students since she began working with children in 2009. She wrote her first children’s book in 2010, "These White Feathers." She was born and raised in Texas and loves to help children learn through play, creativity, and imagination!

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