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DIY home screen printing Course | PDF ONLY

DIY home screen printing Course | PDF ONLY

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If you love designing and showing off clever, eye-catching tees, this class is for you! Learn how to create your own screen printing setup at home. You'll get a behind the scenes, in-depth view of Shelly's supplies, setup, and storage. Before you know it, you'll be printing and selling shirts! This class will show you: 

  • how to create designs using adobe creative cloud-illustrator and photoshop
  • how Shelly burned screens in her makeshift blacklight room (bathroom)
  • how Shelly created a 6 platen screen printing table from lumber
  • how to print single or multiple colored tees using Speedball water-based ink
  • how Shelly stores her materials and supplies
  • Shelly's favorite vendors, applications and brands
  • Shelly's online e-commerce site

When you're finished with this course, you'll be able to create designs using adobe creative cloud software, prep and burn silkscreens, screenprint with water-based ink, and sell to friends and family!

Only need help accomplishing some of these? No problem! Get the section of the course PDF you need from the product dropdown. 

  • Supplies
  • Setup
  • Storage

Share your progress & connect with Shelly. #sciscreenprintclass

This specific product offered on Shelly's website includes ONLY a PDF download of her digital DIY home screen printing course. If you want full video tutorials and instructions, please visit the skillshare, udemy, and teachable courses listed above. If you want to connect live and frequently, join Shelly's Creative Club on Patreon! 

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