Deck your Tech Monthly Subscription

Deck your Tech Monthly Subscription

This is a monthly subscription where you will receive unique hand-drawn, holiday, and themed digital files.

You will get access to wallpaper/backgrounds for your phone, tablet, desktop, and laptops! All background images are in JPEG format and can be used on Apple, Android, and Windows devices. There is also a printable monthly calendar and a blank weekly to-do list.  

The download for each month will include a .zip file with:

 Bonuses that may be added in seasonal rotations:

To access the files, you will need to subscribe, then you can download and unzip the files to your device. 

 The subscription will auto charge each month. You may cancel at any time. 

 If you want to try out a freebie background, check out the monthly freebie backgrounds. 

Also, if you would just prefer the coloring pages, check out The Monthly Color Kit Subscription!

Deck your Tech Monthly Subscription