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4x6 Postcards

4x6 Postcards

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4" x 6" postcards printed on 60lb Gloss front. Gloss side (front) includes beautiful Texas Photo. Shelly captured each photo in Texas! Nature, places, animals, quotes, & verses.

The backside space includes the 'TO' address, return address., msg., & stamp. Some postcards have blurb describing loc. or event. Shipped in a clear protector to ensure safe delivery. Shipped within 2 business days.  

Did you know?

**When you mail your postcard some postcards can become torn, bent, or have the photos scratched up when mailing.  This is due to the automatic machines,  To decrease damages to your high-quality postcard when mailing at the post office, request for hand-metered shipping (it does cost extra) but helps protect the postcard. 

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