Live screen printing

Snce I first started screen printing, I've had a dream to provide live screen printing services at events and celebrations.

This idea is still in the early stages, but if you think this service could add a unique touch to your next event, please send me an email and we can discuss your ideas.

I've included some guidelines and ideas on how this would work/look for various activities.  Hopefully the list below will help you clarify any questions you might have. 


TIME: Currently, I screen print with water based ink, therefore the printing time would be limited to 2 hours or less in order to keep prints clear and crisp. Some ideas for a short printing time could include one of the following: 

-early bird admission to your event and guests recieve a tee 

-VIP members who visit between certain hours can get a live screen printed garment

-Guests who bought a 'shirt voucher' add on to your event can get a screen printed item

-attendies can have a live screen printed tee to boast about from: birthday parties / graduation / weddings / family reunions / tailgating / back to school events 


DESIGN: I will design a shirt to fit your branding or theme at your event or activity. We will need to collaborate on what the best option can be. If you already have an idea in mind, please let me know and we can go from there.  (Currently I would offer either 2 designs- one color each or 1 design- 2 colors). 


SPACE: Please allow a section of your event to house my screen printing setup. Currently I can operate within a 10' x 10' space. 


ELECTRICITY: Each screen printed item will require a screen press or flash dry to heat set the ink, making it permanently adhered to the material. I will need access to an electrical outlet.  I will provide my own extension cord if needed. 


BOOKING FEE: I will charge a booking fee. This covers the design and creation of the artwork + time/labor to create the screens + time/labor for setup, printing and tear down of the event. The Booking fee is non refundable. Price is also determined based on complexity of designs and number of screens. 


MINIMUM ORDER: I will have a minimum product requirement. This means I will print that number of garments/apparel at your event or activity. The cost of the garment or apparel will be added to your order total. All blanks will be provided by me. This ensures a consistent product and allows me to work comfortably on materials I am familiar with. The fees covered in the minimum order pricing will Include: the price of garment/apparel + cost of the ink. It would be the most beneficial to have your guests/customers hold a pre-order registration and include their shirt size or preferred blank of choice such as a bag or koozie. (The more options and variety you provide will vary the total cost). Once you have the numer of guests, their preferred size or blank type, I can draft an estimate of your total cost. 

Once at the event, if the request number of items aren't accounted for, I can print the unaccounted items and leave for you to sell or giveaway. After all, you have already purchased my services and the materials. Why not use the extras to your advantage!? 


I hope this list has been helpful in brainstorming merch for your awesome event or activity! I hope to work with you soon and make something great for you! #whatcanshellycreate4u