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Hey there, I'm Michelle, but my pals and family know me as 'Shelly.' A small-town girl from Leakey, Texas, just north of Garner State Park. I've always had a knack for creating things. Growing up, my sister, parents, and I were masters of imagination, turning limited resources into endless games, crafts, and hobbies. Handmade gifts were our go-to, a tradition I cherish and continue today.

Now based in San Antonio with my husband and our own little zoo — featuring a german shepherd, labrador, chameleon, western hognose, Russian tuxedo tortoise, and red-eared slider — I also co-teach 1st and 2nd grade Special Education full-time. 


In 2016, amidst my husband's Gastroparesis diagnosis and the chaos of wedding planning, I dreamt of screen-printed shirts for our wedding favors. Life had other plans, but after years of navigating his health journey, I decided to revisit screen printing to make a little money on the side. Armed with newfound knowledge, I transformed my skills into a home-based venture, offering not just screen-printed goodies but also a range of services and products: shirts, embroidery services, vinyl decals, handmade greeting cards, online memberships, digital screen printing courses, and self-published children's books.

If you haven't stumbled upon my adventures on YouTube, you're missing out! I thrive on creating and perpetually seek to learn something new. Green is my color, coffee isn't my cup of tea (pun intended), and chocolate? Well, it's a non-negotiable necessity. Currently, I'm expanding my musical repertoire, tinkering with piano, banjo, violin, and harmonica. Also dabbling in machine embroidery and digitizing as well as continuing my love for handmade greeting cards. Find these products and more at shellycreatesit.com

Let's connect! Drop me a line and share what you're creating or learning right now — I'd love to hear your story!

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