You Got This Tee...Eventually

You Got This Tee...Eventually

Did you ever create a project that doesn't go the way you want it? That was this order. Every step of the way, but I made it work! You can too! You got this.

I burned this design on my screens 3 times and each time my design washed out.I concluded my emulsion was old and had gone bad.

Not wanting to drive downtown to get more emulsion or wait a week to order it, I went with plan B and made a vinyl screen...which didn't align to my printed proof.

As you saw, I ended up winging the alignment, which I wouldn't suggest, but it worked out great! Next was a war against the tape! Every piece I put down was just awful and ended up taking twice as long. I STUCK to it long enough and was FINALLY ready to print.

That's usually how screen printing goes, but the end result is worth it! Let's get to the fun part and screen print. 

If you want to order this shirt, feel free to grab one here: 

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