Watercolor Practice for Thanksgiving

Watercolor Practice for Thanksgiving

Supplies Needed: 

watercolor paper


st. martins water color ink


zig brush markers

Zig Markers: http://shrsl.com/2mvab
Watercolor Paper: http://shrsl.com/2mvaj
Watercolor Ink: http://shrsl.com/2mvak


  1. Tape your watercolor paper down with washi tape, painters tape or masking tape.  This will prevent it from bubbling and curling with the water.
  2. Put a coat of water on the base, then begin adding ink with your brush.  Use a rag or paper towel to soak up extra ink, or use your brush to spread around.
  3. Let air dry or use heat gun / blow dryer to speed up the process.
  4. Using Zig markers, letter your quote.
  5. Make your turkey.
  6. Add final touches using gel pens or other mediums.




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