Tutorial for DIY Line Print Table

Posted by Michelle Kolodziejczyk on

Here's how I made my 6 platen line table for screenprinting!

The supplies and materials can be found here: 

The table plans can be found here: Table inspiration by OneTrickPony

line table plans

Get the plans from the links above.  You must have an account to t-shirt forum to access.  Don't worry...it's free!

line table platen

Gather and prep supplies and materials. I bought my materials in the U.S. for les than $150.  

line table platen

Assemble materials. & place platens on table. 

line table platen

Check registration. 
line table platen
Test print 😁
line table platen
If you need more info, check out my PDF below, the video listed at the end of this post, or my skill share class

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