Screen Printing is my Jam

Screen Printing is my Jam

Just like teaching...screen printing is my Jam! I love the complexities and simplicities of it and how the end goal is something you can wear and be proud of...or see other people wear it! 

Screen printing is so easy, once you get the hang of it. Create your design and burn your screen. Tape off the open mesh. Then we’ll align, test print, check adjust, check then print, flash, deliver. See easy….I've also put together a little video, if you'd rather watch it!

No but really, I’ll walk you through it! First we’ll do a single color so you can get the idea behind printing. I’m doing this project on a 4 color rotary press today.

Tape your screen so no ink gets through areas that aren’t covered in emulsion. 
Align on the platen using the printed alignment design. Tighten rotary head to platen. 

Test print, look for any bleeding, or pinholes that are extruding ink. Patch, clean and retest if needed.  If it looks good, load up a blank and begin printing! Print the single color and reload until all your single color shirts are done. 

A multi-colored print works the same way. Instead of only aligning, testing and printing one color, now we’re doing 2, but first we need to mix some ink! 

I use the color mixing guide from Pigskins & Pigtails and half, double or triple as needed for my project size. I’m using speedball black with my DIY mixed Berry and Fresh Lavender. 

Now repeat the printing process. Print one color, the flash dry it. If you don’t flash dry it, your next screen color will pick up the first color on the screen, then transfer it to the next shirt. Best to flash dry between coats. 

Print the 2nd color, hang to dry and load the next shirt. Repeat until everything is finished. 

Lastly, heat set. I heat set on 350 for 40seconds. Fold & Deliver. Oh Yeah! Done. 



Artwork charge for 30mins = $20

2 screen charge & labor = $100

15 Garment blanks + S&H = $97

Ink cost = $10

Total + Credit Card charges = $234

Price per garment (15 shirts) = $16/piece

Price for profit = $20 to $26

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