Mommy & Me LOVE to match!

Mommy & Me LOVE to match!

I’ll start out showing you the design process in Illustrator, just check out the video! 


Bring design into Silhouette Studio as a .dxf

Would you like to see this as a future tutorial? Exporting from illustrator to silhouette? If so, put it in a comment! 

Grab the design on Patreon or from my DesignBundles site. 

Once in silhouette, I’m going to arrange my pieces for the 2 shirts into the size of vinyl I have. If you’re not using a full piece of new vinyl, double check your sizing and the mat/materials settings to make sure you don’t cut where you don’t have material on the mat.

Set your settings of the blade, speed and pressure based on the material you’re using. I’ve screenshotted my settings for Siser easy weed and Siser Glitter, if you are wanting to use the same material. P.S. If you’re using heat transfer vinyl remember to MIRROR your design!!! Flip it horizontal before cutting, otherwise it will be backwards on your shirt. Also, make sure the plastic carrier sheet is on the bottom, sticking to the mat. 

Now we weed. Weeding is the process of removing the design or negative areas to display the design. Basically, it’s the pieces you DON’T want to heat press. 

Mommy & Me LOVE to match!

My blanks are Bella Canvas Raglan 3200. And you’ll want to find and press the centers. Put the armpit seams together. Line the edges down to the hem. Fold at the armpit, keeping the middle edge flush with each other. (your shirt is now in quarters with perpendicular middle lines). Press for 5 seconds. Unfold & place on heat press. 

Fold designs to find centers and align to shirts. I place mine 3-4inches from the collar. 

Heat tack for a few seconds or according to manufacturer settings. Peel carrier sheet, add next color and tack. 

After all colors are tacked, do a final press for 10-15 seconds at 350 (or follow manufacturer settings of your vinyl). My heat press isn’t very accurate and this allows a great press at this temperature and time. 

Fold, package and deliver tees!


 For a detailed walk through of this order, please visit this patreon post! 

12 x 15 glitter vinyl (12x15).02=$3.60

    12x20= 240   

     $4.99/240 =.02

12 x 8 siser htv 

(12x8).02= $1.82


$3.50/180 = .02

1 small raglan $9.15

1 kids raglan $8.37 

Shirt shipping $4.99

Total cost: $27.93 *.60

Total charged: 16.76 + 27.93=$44.69

Grossed: $16.76
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