Mixing water based inks

Mixing water based inks

Mixing water based inks isn't that tricky.

You can do it the old fashioned way. By using a color wheel and adding white / lighter color or black / darker colors to make a lighter or darker color respectively. 




Or you can use Pigskins & Pigtails super handy mixing guides to help you create your own colors. I was able to upscale and create my own colors. Instead of using the tablespoons, I increased the proportions using cheap measuring cups. 

pigskins and pigtails ink mixing guide recipes

I laminate and bind mine because I'm a messy screen printer and get ink on EVERYTHING! I also bound it with coil binding. I like having a hard copy on hand to use whenever I need it. 

coil bound and laminated recipe guide

To bind, use the materials in my Kit. 

Just to note - this is water-based ink i do not know how it works with plastisol be sure to do your own research on that. I can say, it works great with the speedball water-based ink. 


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skillshare first month free

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