Happy Twos-day, February 22, 2022!

Happy Twos-day, February 22, 2022!

Check out the behind the scenes video of my twosday tees! 


*CSDS Vinyl: Get 10% off with code: RX8U1V2SGQ



The solid colors I purchase from my local art store. They care Specialty Materials and I love the quality of thermoflex plus. 

Teal: PLS-9540
Hot Pink PLS-9310

If you want to learn more about Specialty materials, check out their website! 



 Heather Sea Green

 Prism Lilac Heather



So far, this is the coolest day in 2022! If you want this file for free, join my patreon! 


Grab it from the links below: 



*links noted with * are affiliate and I do receive a small commission on items purchased. 

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