December 2021 Orders

December 2021 Orders


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Here's a brief overview of my December 2021 orders.

1. I printed and cut winter stickers to pair with my Christmas coloring books. 

cutting coloring book stickers

2. I mixed my own inks to get ready for holiday shirt screen prints. I use Pigskins and Pigtails mixing guides. 

mixing inks

3. Next....Print the shirts. Here I'm using my portable single platen. This was the first platen we made and I printed 1,000 3 color crawfish shirts on it, back in 2018. I know..crazy right!?

printing christmas tees

Also, I like to try to screen print with vinyl instead of emulsion on the smaller orders. Why? Well...significantly easier cleanup! It ends up costing about the same, but can only get a dozen prints or so with the vinyl. Whereas I can get 3xs that with emulsion. 

screen printing holiday teacher tees

4.Then I packed and shipped some coloring books and a few of my children's books for Christmas gifts. They each got a hand written note in them.

packaging childrens books and coloring books

5. Lastly, I made some vinyl tees. A cute 'be joyful' that was inspired by vinyl I've had on hand for a while and the other for a coworker who's also a bartended. Yay for creative friends! 

grinch and joyful teacher vinyl tee


I have some exclusive patreon only video content, if you want to see more of these projects.

If you're more a video person....checkout all the projects above by watching my YouTube video here: 

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