40oz Rtic Tumbler Decals

40oz Rtic Tumbler Decals

Hey, ya'll! I'm going to show you how to apply a vinyl decal to 40oz Rtic tumbler.

First, you want to remove any original packing. Here I'm using an Exacto knife to remove the label. I set the label aside and re-tape once
I'm ready to repackage and deliver the tumbler.

Next, I remove any sticky glue or residue. I sprayed WD-40 onto a napkin and rubbed the surface of the tumbler. Then I followed with some rubbing
alcohol to ensure there is no WD-40 residue before placing the decal.

I placed a hand towel under the tumbler to stabilize the cup before placing my decal.

Place transfer tape on top of your decal. I use clear transfer tape from dollar tree. Then use an old credit card, gift card or discount card to rub
the transfer tap and decal. This will allow the transfer tape to pick up your decal.

Fold the transfer tape (with the vinyl decal) in half (sticky sides facing outwards). Pinch the transfer tape to indicate the middle of the decal.
Then begin lining up your decal to the center of your tumbler.

Place your decal on the tumbler beginning in the middle and working towards one end. Then start back in the middle and work towards the other end of your decal. I've found this is the best way to avoid air bubbles when placing the decal. Press firmly with your finger, or you can use the gift card from earlier to press the decal onto the tumbler.

Lastly, pull off the clear transfer tape and voila' you have a perfectly placed vinyl decal! Re-attach any original packaging and deliver to your
customer or wrap for a gift!

Shown in the video are 2 more close up examples from this order. One is the champagne gold as shown in the video and the other is a metallic silver gray.


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